Communication tactics

On XXXX/XXXX/2015 I paid {$590.00} to Best Buy. Thinking the balance was paid the following month I discarded my statement. I began getting phone calls daily and when I answered a recorded voice came on that said its very important we talk to you please call Citi and a phone number that could not be made out. Not disclosing who the call was for or the matter we have ignored these calls for the past XXXX days. On XXXX XXXX I was able to make out the phone number and called it. The company identified itself as Best Buy and said my account was past due for a balance of XXXX cents and that the payment in XXXX was posted after the due date there for I now had a balance of XXXX. So for a XXXX cent balance I have now accrued XXXX in late charges.
The company never engaged in a live person contacting me to discuss the remaining balance, they just had a robo dialer call my house, and the benefit is they are able to keep accruing fees. They are reporting my account past due on my credit report and accruing fees for a XXXX balance.
Since it was my error of not paying the XXXX I have paid the initial late charge of XXXX and the XXXX balance, however they state they wo n’t waive the remaining late charges. If this was a balance owed of a substantial amount they would have been sure to have a live person on the phone, but because this is fee income they will allow the balance to build. This is unfair and abusive!

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