Communication tactics

I made payments as needed for all months in XXXX. The credit card company said they did not receive XXXX or XXXX. I provided proof from my bank they were paid and even went as far as to set up a conference call between the credit card company, myself and my bank. After the credit card company refused to apply the amount to my credit card account balance and remove the late fees, I went ahead and placed a stop pay on the 2 months of payments and paid the credit card company {$400.00}. I was told that my next payment would be due XXXX. Since that time I have been receiving XXXXXXXX phone calls per day saying that because my credit card balance is over the limit by {$500.00} that I need to pay them now regardless of what was said/done when I paid the {$400.00}. I have referred the callers back to XXXX at the credit card company to go over the particulars yet the calls do not stop. To make matters worse, they have now reported me to the credit bureau and said I ‘ll need to dispute it with them.

Please help!!! I made my payments as I was supposed to however, they did not process them ( Proof provided from my bank. ). I paid them an agreed upon amount in XXXX XXXX with the understanding from XXXX on their Executive Communications Department that my next payment was not due until XXXX. Despite all of this, I ‘ve now been reported to the credit bureau and receive multiple phone calls per day, even while at work, harassing me to pay my over limit balance immediately.

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