Communication tactics

Pressler & Pressler representing XXXX XXXX swept all my funds from my bank account, then threatened me that if I fail to sign the agreement of debt repayment or upon signing I would fail making repayments, a lien will be placed on my payroll and my salary will be garnished.

This is so shocking to me because I knew that only government and its agencies can put a lien on your account for nonpayment of child support, alimony, school loans ; and IRS for owing taxes but financial institutions such as credit cards who ‘s funds are insured by the FDIC – that ‘s completely new to me!

I had no idea that I was being sued by Pressler & Pressler representing XXXX XXXX since due to an illegal eviction I am no longer at XXXX XXXX XXXX for over a month and I do n’t have a new mailbox address as of yet.

So, I called Pressler & Pressler and after my conversation with Pressler ‘s representative and making payment arrangements, they still refused to release my frozen funds back to me. I had {$1800.00} in the account, which represented my Federal and State Income Tax Refunds that I just received as EFT to my account that week!

After crying on the phone pleading with them to release my funds and informing him that since they took all my money from my account at XXXX XXXX XXXX I have only {$2.00} in my pocket thereby left without any funds to purchase groceries for the next XXXX weeks, the representative made a promise to release {$300.00}. THE MONEY WAS NEVER RELEASED.

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