Communication tactics

On XXXX XXXX, XXXX, I received a letter from the XXXX XXXX D. Scott Carruthers, stating I owe a balance of {$16000.00} for an original debt of {$2100.00}. In the letter they also state that once they verify my place of employment, then they will begin the lawsuit. I have written the collection agency that this law office is representing on several occasions requesting proof of the debt. I have never gotten any response from them. The last letter I sent to them was dated XXXX/XXXX/XXXX where after doing some research of my own and contacting my states attorney general, I found out that the Statute of Limitations had expired.I sent them that letter explaining my findings and still have yet to get a response from them. And now 1 year and 3 months later I get a letter stating that I will be sued.
Update XXXX : I have since tried to resolve this matter by going to court but ultimately settled and am now paying {$50.00} a month on a debt that I do not owe. I am a victim of identity theft and this loan was taken out in my name without my knowledge by my former boyfriend who I was abused by. I feel that since we lived together at the time and he had access to all of my personal information, that he took out the loan without my knowledge or consent. I provided this information to the lawyer that contacted me including police reports, and an identity theft letter ( notarized ) and copies of previous restraining orders to prove the abuse that I was subjected to. A deposition was done as well, and I told them the same thing. But they continued to state that I owe the debt. Although I am currently paying ( out of frustration, and fear of them finding my abusive ex and them giving him any information to where he can find me-he has threatened to kill me on several different occasions ) is there anything else that I can do? I do not want to pay for a debt that I do not owe! I originally filed a complaint back in XXXX and am still working to resolve this matter. Here is the Case number : XXXX ]

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