Communication tactics

I recently paid on a bad debt charge I had with XXXX XXXX. I made an online payment of {$200.00} with Aldous & Assosiates. Later on in the week I went to XXXX and learned I was never suppose to be in collections in the 1st place. It was an error on there part. I called Aldous and Associates explaining to them what happened and they stated I needed a letter from XXXX saying I did not owe anything so I can get a refund of the {$200.00}. I paid. I have done everything Aldous and Associates has asked me to do. It ‘s going on 3 weeks and I have not received my refund. I have called several times and every time I call I am getting a different date on when my money will be deposited. I was speaking to a ” supervisor ” XXXX XXXX he had yelled at me, hung up on me, been rude and disrespectful and will not let me speak to anyone else in that office. All I am trying to do is get a refund of my money and this office along with its staff is making if nearly impossible. I have asked to speak to his supervisor or someone who runs that office and I either get hung up on, put on hold for over 20 min or he says he is the one in charge. This is crazy and completely ridiculous. What company can do this to people!! This company needs to be stopped! They can not treat people this way!!

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