Communication tactics

Have made previous complaints regarding Portfolio Recovery.
They received cease & desist order XXXX/XXXX/16. They violated order twice. Today call I missed ans. machine picked up, hang up.
I called the # back, Phone answered ” Thank you for calling Portfolio Recovery, this is an attempt to collect a debt … an operator will be with you shortly … ” Spoke with a person named XXXX, advised her that I was recording the call, She informed me that she had no record of my name & ask if I was sure that that this was the phone that I received the call on? She stated that perhaps they were trying to contact someone else ( that is their tactic ) they always ask for someone other than myself ) I informed her that this was the 2nd violation since cease & desist order was in place & to take me off their list, also that I would file report w/ CFPB. Have also filed complaint w/ ” Do Not Call Registry ” Since they have no record of me, it is not a debt collect. This is Phone harassment that must not continue! I keep a phone log of my calls & have a sound file of last conversation. The # I was called from was XXXX. Reporting these violations alone does not seem capable of stopping them, they are breaking the law not only w/ me but other consumers across the US ? Stronger enforcement is needed. I plan to seek an attorney to represent me in this matter. Here I am again one more complaint filed.

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