Communication tactics

My chase ink credit card was set up for automatic payment. I had not used the card in a while and forgot it was on an account of mine. A charge went through. Six months pass on the charge that I had no idea had taken place and I get a written communication that my account is delinquent. This was news to me, since I had other accounts with chase that were all in great standing and this was the first I was hearing about my missed payment. I called as soon as I learned there was a problem and made two payments in the next few days to square my account. I spoke with a number of representatives some very nice and others not very helpful or understanding. When I asked why they waited over six months to contact me they said they had sent multiple emails and made numerous calls about the issue. I explained I had not received the emails and they insisted I did. I also asked when trying to contact me by phone why there was never a message left? They told me they were not required to leave a message, which makes no sense at all if one is truly trying to resolve a delinquency issue. I finally said, if the other methods all failed, why wait half a year to send me notice by mail. They responded they had sent numerous letters. I never received any emails and I do n’t answer numbers I do n’t recognize due to the potential of scams. I asked for dates the other letters had been sent to me and they would not provide me with any information. The truth is, I only ever received one written notice and as soon as I did I settled my account. I am not an irresponsible person! I have a few other credit cards with chase one of which I pay for most of my expenses with, and then pay on time every month. I also have a saving and checking as well with Chase and at no time was any serious attempt to contact me sooner through those avenues ever made either. Now, due to poor customer service and a substandard method and or system of contacting a customer, I unfairly have a pretty ugly ding in my credit.

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