Communication tactics

Called 4 times to resolve the issue … I ‘m not denying that the info is mine. This is a case where I was in car accident in which I was not at fault. I have XXXX insurances and car insurance. While trying to contact the car insurance, I decided to strike up a payment plan that I could afford so that the claim would not end up on my credit report. The CSR from this place is incredibly intimidating and they refused to take the monies that I can afford right now. I got hung up on the 3rd call! They kept saying that I ‘m refusing to pay but I ‘m not! I ‘m just paying what I can afford!! They asked me for the amounts of my personal bills and basically told me I can afford more than what I ‘m offering. I was even advised to take out a loan because the loan people probably would work better than me than what they will do. I have every conversation recorded ( except the first ). I ‘m upset because it ‘s not like I do n’t want to resolve this but, apparently what I can do is n’t good enough and therefore I was threatened that they will put this on my credit report. I spoke with the original creditors and they tried to help as much as they could but it ‘s out of their hands. ( ( We got to this point because the original creditors failed to put down my XXXX health insurances and they only filed XXXX which left with a balance … I never received a bill but now I ‘m stuck dealing with these rude collection people. )

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