Communication tactics

XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX were in XXXX XXXX XXXX XX/XX/XXXX. I was on my way to work at the XXXX there at the time. The gentleman stopped me to talk about the XXXX ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL. I told him I could not afford the membership and he then explained it ‘s completely free ; I do n’t have to pay anything and I wo n’t be eligible for a membership unless I sign up for the membership AFTER the trial. I thought I was signing a waiver to the ONE FREE TRIAL and the free T-Shirt.

They began to charge me and I had never made it into the gym. I called, emailed, sent letters to this gym expressing my concerns and how do I get this off of my credit report. There was no help or solutions. I had been scammed into this debt trap. I am still facing hard times : no food in my home because I can not afford them ( nor can I receive food stamps ), my rent is becoming late, I have classes and student debt to pay for, utilities is coming up late, I am a ten month employee with no current income, XXXX not receiving any benefits or assistance and I am a single adult trying to survive on my own. The last thing I can afford to pay is a gym membership for a gym I hardly ever used and that scams innocent people into signing debt collection contracts.

This debt was sent to a collection agency and which of course has negatively affected my credit score. Unfortunately, the credit bureaus and its partners are in the business of crippling Americans and eating away at the lower class to stay in debt. I can not afford any of this. I have XXXX and XXXX due to my financial crisis. I had to even file for Bankruptcy back in 2013. This third party continues to call and harass me for a payment in full. I am pleading with them to for a payment plan or a freeze or something so I can try to pay and possibly help my credit report. However, First Credit Services foreign employees continue to call and offer no help. Both of their foreign countries and USA employees have been very displeasing and uncooperative.

I need serious financial help. Who do I contact for help?!

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