Communication tactics

The Harvard Collection Service claimed to be collecting for Illinois Dept of Revenue. I spoke with XXXX XXXX on XX/XX/2014. She called at all hours of the day and night. She demanded on the date I provided that if I do n’t agree to a payment plan that very day they would seize my XXXX Ford f-150 truck. I had just been released from the hospital and was too weak to even hold a phone myself, so my poor wife also exhausted from all we had been through recovering from XXXX and slow progression from that state had to hold the phone to my ear. I had to deal with this persons threats! I was shaking so hard I feared I would was going to have another XXXX XXXX, I explained my health crisis but all she cared about was collecting. I lost everything and explained, all I have left is a {$650.00} credit limit credit card to buy food with. She did n’t care and forced us into a payment plan. I honestly just wanted the harassment to stop! We could n’t afford to lose our only reliable vehicle and feeling hand cuffed we entered an arrangement under severe duress!

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