Communication tactics

I have been called numerous times a day for over 2 months from XXXX Callers on my work cell phone. They would not tell me what it was regards to until XXXX/XXXX/15. Before this date, they would only tell me they were collecting a debt for {$43.00}. I have spoke with them on countless occasions and asked to please send me information in the mail in regards to this and I would be happy to pay it ( if it was legit. ) They told me on many occasion they would send me something in the mail. After being told this over a two week period of numerous calls, I finally asked to please stop calling if they were not going to send me anything in the mail. They continue to call and have become very rude and harassing. Tonight I was harassed by an employee by the name of XXXX. I tried to nicely tell him to send me something in the mail. I stated they sent something in XXXX and ” there is no point to send anything else because I obviously do not pay me bills. ” He also stated I ” should have paid my debts and he would not have to call me. ” When I asked to speak to his supervisor he told me ” NO, you are going to stop talking and listen to him! ” He would not give me his information until I argued with him for over 5 minutes. I finally was transferred to his supervisor, I explained the situation and she told me my number would be removed from their call list.

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