Communication tactics

This message is to serve as filing a formal Complaint in regards to an FDCPA violation that occurred on XXXX/XXXX/2016 by a XXXX XXXX, employed at the Consumer XXXX Management Inc. Location – XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX, MO XXXX. The telephone number in which the call was produced by shows as, XXXX/XXXX. The representative stated the company is called ” Consumer Management XXXX XXXX ”.
I received a call from XXXX XXXX at my place of Employment today. Upon receipt of her call, I advised her that it was not okay to call me at my job and to instead call me on my cell phone. I asked her has she attempted to do so, as I have not received any calls from this place prior to today. XXXX XXXX became very rude and unprofessional. When asked for her to call me on my cell phone about the purpose for her call, she stated ” I ‘m not going to call you on any other phone, I am just going to push your account further into collections and let them handle you ”. She became very short and dismissive. She threatened me which violates the FDCPA – 806. Harassment or abuse [ 15 USC 1692d ], 807. False or misleading representations [ 15 USC 1692e ].
This employee verbally stated that ” SHE was going to push my file into FURTHER collections ”, as if it is up to her to make the call on my behalf and also denied me the ability to discuss my file/resolve it by refusing to call me on my cell phone, being that I told her that they are NOT to call my work number under any circumstances. I felt extremely offended and disrupted, causing disruption to my work performance.
Upon taking a break at work, I called their office back ( as I obtained the # from XXXX XXXX during her disrespectful call language ). I asked to speak with a Manager, after being on hold I was able to connect to a guy by the name of ” XXXX XXXX ”, he stated that he was the manager. Shortly into the call, he said that he was the ” VP of the Company ”, AFTER me asking him for the contact information for the President of company. XXXX XXXX seemed very disinterested in my concerns and the violation/threat received from his employee. He stated to me ” we do n’t get complaints here ”. I asked him if I can file a formal complaint and in return receive a written response with the outcome/resolution to this matter, ensuring that this will not happen again. He blatantly told me ” NO! ” and that ” they handle their complaints, internally ”. I continuously expressed my concerns of such a poor call received from his office and too letting him know how offended I felt because of it. I asked XXXX XXXX to listen to the call with his upper management team. He did state that he ” would review the call ” but that basically, that is all that will be done and that I will not be acknowledged on the conclusion of such. So basically, he told me – it happened, deal with it! He refused to intake my verbal complaint and also refused to award me any type of resolution or even apology on behalf of HIS staff. He began to interrupt me and brush off my expressions of concern. He confirmed that my work phone number would be removed from their database but, I also told him that I do not authorize any automatic dialer calls being placed to my cell phone and to please call my cell phone manually when in attempts to contact me. I have never experienced such disrespectful behavior from a company that is ” attempting to collect a debt ”. And even more so, from a VICE PRESIDENT.
I want this matter looked into, addressed, and resolved immediately as my FDCPA rights were violated by means of ” threat ”, the very pour display of professionalism and ” Consumer Services ” by XXXX XXXX, and the dismissive practices and rejected desire for submitting a formal complaint, displayed by VICE PRESIDENT – XXXX XXXX.

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