Communication tactics

The caller stated her name was XXXX with NRS ( XXXX ) stating that I owed a payday loan from 2015. When I tried to explain to her that this had been taken care of and that I had email confirmations to prove it, she continued to speak over me and says, ” What kind of arrangement did you have set up!? ” I tried to tell her it was set up in two payments and then when I got louder due to her continued efforts of speaking over me – she asks why I was getting hostile. First off, she wanted me to give her my social which I did not, then she verified my bday – she proceeded to tell me that I owed {$490.00} to XXXX. Stated that {$100.00} was paid and that the remainder came back NSF from ” your bank of XXXX ”. I ‘ve NEVER banked with any such bank and she proceeded to scream at me telling me banks change names all the time and that I should know that. I told her I ‘ve NEVER banked with a bank by that name and she continued to scream at me and says, ” YOU THOUGHT you finished paying it off – but 90 % of consumers make the payments for the amounts they borrowed and THINK they are done, but they are far from done and do n’t really know how much is actually owed ”. I told her I needed to find the emails and letter saying I paid it off and she asked how long that would take and I said I did n’t know – 2 days? She says, ” You have until XXXX. tomorrow to produce your proof as you call it ” to them or ” further actions ” will be taken against me. When I tried to ask where to send – she continued to talk over me and then says, ” well do you want to know where to send your supposed proof you have or not? ” I was getting really heated by this point because of the way she was speaking to me and then says that ” 24 hrs is sufficient amount of time ” for me to provide my ” so called proof of payment and the address is Correspondence – do you need me to spell that for you? ” She was being extremely condescending and I screamed back that I KNEW how to spell – and she says ” XXXX ”. I then ask who ‘s attention and she says, ” Correspondence – this call has been recorded you have until XXXX tomorrow. ” and then hung up on me. I IMMEDIATELY blocked this number from my home phone and started researching the number. There have been NUMEROUS complaints of this being a scam and of this same exact person/company calling others with threatening calls. She did n’t even give me a chance to ask for a debt validation letter from her before she hung up on me. This is ridiculous and these people need to be stopped. They call threatening legal action or people showing up to my job etc. The scariest part is that they have my personal information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, in 2015, I did have a loan – which was PAID BACK – and now 2 years later they are trying to collect? Give me a break ….

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