Communication tactics

I am paying only partial of my student loan and I was advised, by Cornerstone ( XXXX ), that i would still receive phone calls, that was fine, but I told them not at work. I have literally told this company over 50 times to stop calling me at work and call me after XXXX XXXX. I got so mad that I blocked the number. Now they are calling me from another number! I have told them every week this month to stop! They are being deceptive even though i have communicated with them and are paying something when I can.
They call when my bosses are in my office and are listening to me tell them not to call me at work. They have forced me to discuss my personal life with my bosses because of this, which makes me look bad! I do not know how to get them to stop! I have been nice, angry and nothing works. I ‘ve even spoken with a manager about this without a resolution. They promised me it was taken care of.
They are going to make me lose my job if I keep getting debt collector calls while I am working.
Please help!

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