Communication tactics

Basically, I keep getting calls from numbers that appear to all trace back to NCO Financial Systems. The numbers show up on my phone with zip codes XXXX

I ‘ve missed each of the calls, unfortunately, but only once did they leave a message. When I followed up on that message, I was placed on hold with no mention of a company name on the answering machine, and then after being on hold for about 10 minutes the call dropped ( I had n’t moved locations and my phone showed good reception ). Another time, I was offered a chance to leave a message. I did, no response. I ‘m currently on hold again, and it ‘s now the XXXX minute of the call.

After XXXX the number and tracing it to NCO Financial Systems, I found terrible reviews of the company on XXXX that matched my experience ( many are worse! ). I saw several people there who listed ” real ” numbers for the company that actually connect you to a person, and after calling XXXX a woman picked up on the first ring. She looked me up in the system and said that the system has no record of me at all. I carefully spelled my full name and my phone number, and they are not in her system. She said she was in the medical department, and that ‘s the only place my debt would be – I ‘ve recently been paying a lot of doctors bills because of an injury sustained, and it ‘s not out of the question that I may have missed a bill or mixed something up.

I ‘m concerned that I have a bill out there that will affect my credit, but I ‘m also concerned that i am being contacted by a scam and am not comfortable giving them any information.

Please help!

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