Communication tactics

The initial phone call was bullying. This woman XXXX XXXX was just bullying which defies logic. She would not even let me talk. i hung up because it was so unprofessional. The entire conversation was threatening. i was n’t even disputing the debt. She billed me for the wrong amount ( see attached letters faxed to me just to embarrass me ) and proceeded to call every day leaving messages that obviously told other employees my business. She then proceeds to fax threating letters to another business.i have been sent via fax, intentinally trying to embarrass me. Today XX/XX/XXXX they had another rep. call me. I explained to him my experience he apologizes and then escalates the conversation into an unnecessary bullying match. i finally said what is wrong with all of you. i sent a payment to the company i confirmed it on the XXXX. Then the fax another threating letter after confirming and then called me again today. He gets angry because I told him i will not send payments to them. I will send directly to the client. He goes ballistic and said I will put this on your credit report and report you as combative and refuse to pay. This is harrassment. i have XXXX different letters with XXXX different amounts. NONE ARE CORRECT!! THESE PEOPLE ARE BULLIES. WHY WOULD YOU BULLY SOMEONE WHO IS PAYING AND NOT DISPUTING THE DEBT?

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