Communication tactics

My insurance company made payment to the company and they kept telling me I was lying. They also refused to listen about my insurance making payment even when I was giving them facts and proof. Then they kept hanging up on me. They also are collecting an incorrect amount. They are collecting more then allowed with the insurance agreement adjustment. They would not let me send in proof to them to show this. When i would try and talk to them they would just put the phone down and not talk to me but I could still hear them talking in the background. I could also hear them laughing when I would ask to speak to a supervisor. Multiple times they hung up on me refusing to take proof of what I actually owed as what they had was incorrect. Then they threatened me if i did n’t pay they would send it to a lawyer. Since they have sent it to a lawyer and are still trying to collect with now a judgement for more money then i owe. Also during this they had XXXX other item they were trying to collect from a different thing all together, but i was never even able to resolve that or take care of the other item because they would n’t even let me take care of the first XXXX. They even said to me that fine if you wo n’t pay we will take you to court. They told the lawyers that I would n’t work with them and that i hung up multiple times on them refusing to take care of the debt so do not offer a settlement. This is the most unacceptable behavior ever especially because I do n’t owe what they are claiming!!!

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