Communication tactics

Despite having an agreement with Wells Fargo made two months ago to pay a credit line ( debt ) at Wells Fargo with $ 300 monthly payments for six months ( at which time we will see if I can pay more ) or continue the {$300.00} a month, I am receiving harassing collection phone calls from XXXX every other day.

I have paid {$300.00} on the agreement for two months now. This agreement was made with XXXX XXXX at Wells Fargo ( Loan Adjustment Supervisor ) but Wells Fargo ( XXXX from collections who reports to XXXX XXXX ) are harassing me now seeking payment in full despite our agreement. I have explained over and over again my financial situation ( offered documentation proving my inability to pay the debt off at once as I ‘m a new XXXX in XXXX mother of XXXX kids under XXXX yo ). I just received another call from XXXX XXXX XXXX on XXXX XXXX ) at Wells Fargo and she transferred me to her Supervisor XXXX XXXX who told me that he was going to sue me for the balance of debt despite our agreement. He told me that he does n’t care and wants it paid off. When I asked him why he was even calling me, he told me to, ” Lose the attitude, XXXX! ” and then I reiterated our agreement, my financial situation, etc., he told me, ” Then I will take my boss ‘ recommendation and sue you! ” and then he HUNG UP THE PHONE on me. This supervisor at Wells Fargo hung up the phone in the middle of me trying to respond to hearing I am going to be sued by Wells Fargo. I was left with XXXX fearing I will be sued by Wells Fargo. What will this mean for my family? My XXXX in XXXX? I began having XXXX. I am a high risk XXXX already and being harassed with phone calls ( first by XXXX who would call me and say that XXXX told her to follow up regarding our ” agreement ” and I asked XXXX what she was referring to – since I ‘ve been paying on said agreement for two months now – and she did n’t know??? but was calling me anyways? ) This is an opportunity for legislation to be brought forth regarding behaviors such as Wells Fargo harassing a client who is currently paying their debt, who is not being evasive and ignoring their repeated phone calls, and is told to pay up or else?

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