Communication tactics

I moved from an apartment and was told I owed money on a carpet clean. This was sent to collections to a company called IQ Data. They called me, and asked how much could i pay. I told them i dont have any money to pay it. They asked for a card to keep interest from going on the account so i gave them my credit card and told them to call me on friday ( this started on a Monday ) to see if i have the money for it. I spoke to a woman. On Wednesday my phone kept ringing at work so i answered it, I told the guy I told the woman I was gon na have them call on friday to see if? I had the money to pay the {$50.00} they wanted to do. I told him I didnt have the money for it. He kept calling me all that day and thursday and left me a voice mail message on thursday saying I refused to pay. I woke up on that friday and went to a gas station on my way to work to only find my credit card was charged {$50.00}. I called the company and spoke to a manager. He refused to give me my money back claiming I authorized the charge. This I did not do i would not do so if i am not sure if i can pay it. The manager spoke to me very disrespectfully. I called my credit card company and disputed the charge. They were suppose to provide this proof they claim within 15 calender days and according to my credit card company they did not. Today is XX/XX/2017 and I was called again from the IQ Data company stating they tried to run my card again and it was declined I told him I never said they could! I called again soon as I arrived earlier at work and spoke to their manager again, only this time he spoke awful to me. Saying I charged back the card and I got my money back claiming hes going to take it to ” the next level ” and refuses to tell me what he meant by saying that. I also requested this proof of my authorization he claimed I did from the previous charge and he said ” I can give it to you, but, I wont ”. I told him legally I should be entitled to this and he kept saying what he said to me speaking to me in a manor as if he was talking down to me. He was extremely disrespectful to me. Threatening me with legal action because I did a charge back on a charge to my credit card I do not ever recall doing so and refusing to provide the poof to me. I have never been talked to before by a company specially a manager like IQ Data. I got off the phone XXXX. I have never been threaten or talked to like that before.

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