Communication tactics

On XXXX/XXXX/16 at around XXXX i had a horrible customer service experience with employee, ” XXXX XXXX ” at Ability Recovery Services. I have never been treated with such disrespect from a customer service representative, let alone another human being in my life. Upon inquiring about negotiating a loan payment, XXXX XXXX became irate, disrespectful, and extremely unprofessional. During our conversation he threatened that he was going to, ” play with my credit ” and alluded to putting my account into bad standing. After asking XXXX XXXX to be transferred to a manager or a new representative at the very least, he aggressively replied, ” this isn ” t XXXX XXXX, you ca n’t always get what you want. ” As you can imagine the whole conversation has left me in disbelief at this point. I replied, ” Excuse me ” And in an extremely XXXX disrespectful tone he replied, ” you ‘re excused ” followed by him yelling that my account would be placed into bad standing and that i could n’t always get what I wanted. After XXXX XXXX abruptly hung up on me i tried calling back several times in hopes of speaking with a new rep. only to be aggressively and unprofessionally met by XXXX XXXX. After asking to speak with a manager he yelled, ” XXXX, you ca n’t always get what you want!! There is no other manager, I am the manager of your account!! ” I am in absolute shock at how horribly I was treated and I am extremely disappointed in Ability Recovery Services. My experience has left me feeling XXXX, XXXX, and unsafe due to XXXX XXXX ‘ threats. I do not feel that XXXX XXXX is fit to have access to such sensitive and personal information. XXXX XXXX prejudice behavior towards me makes me fearful ; not only that he has all of my my personal information, but also that he has expressed intent to use it in a malicious manner. I am 100 % dissatisfied with my overall experience with Ability Recovery Services. As a result of the discriminatory behavior i have endured on behalf of, XXXX XXXX, I believe that I am owed compensation from Ability Recovery Services. How unfortunate that because of my gender, my ethnicity, and my ” social class ” I had to endure discrimination when simply trying to pay my debt and better my life.

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