Communication tactics

I contacted them first, stating i will take care of this when i am able too and I updated my current information with them. I was going to set up a payment plan with them but a very pushy woman wanted me to pay in full at the moment, which i could not do. She then called my work, I told her I can not speak on the phone at work, if this place ever calls my work again I will take legal action on them. They call me repeatedly during the day to where it is harassment. It got to the point where I had to start blocking them, but they would call me under different numbers. They have became so harassing and pushy that I have been ignoring the debt. I did contact them first to get it resolved, but now after this I will go thru the company I owe the debt to personally and pay it. This morning they called me at XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, and its only XXXX now! I cant imagine how many more times they will call today! I will end up blocking this number as well! I know they will find a new number to call me on though! I work full time and to get these many calls during my work day is awful! I will take legal action on them if I need too!

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