Communication tactics

I receive several phone calls daily without actual voicemails left, just automated menu recording thinking I picked up the phone when my voicemail message comes on. I try to call the number back and it does n’t work. Then I finally find your website where I think I can pay online but it wo n’t let me apparently its not compatible with my browser. Then when I actually do get in touch with an actual human being to make the payment on the debt I owe, the customer service representative attempts to transfer me to the XXXX department and there is no one in the office because apparently people have left early for the day. I get it that XXXX is close to XXXX but do n’t say you are open until XXXX when you are not. Dealing with credit and debt affects our lives and our future and I do n’t really think its acceptable to leave early for the day or to make it impossible to make payments online! I was never given a registration code or log in information that would enable to pay online. Its so obvious that making it difficult for people to pay leads to late fines which equals more money for you. I think it it is absurd to have a computer calling me XXXX XXXX times a day and when I try to pay my debt, the people who are supposed to be there to help me with that decide to leave early for the day or the weekend, unless they were purposely ignoring their phones.You would think you want me to pay my debt successfully when in reality it is starting to look like the longer it takes me to pay my debt the better it is for you.

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