Communication tactics

I was unaware of our debt to XXXX via IC systems, as my payments were supposed to be auto deducted, and I never received anything in the mail saying i owed them anything, or that it was being sent to collection. They repeatedly called my cell number, but no one would be on the other end when I answered ( only found out it was banfield by looking it up ), then they stopped calling. I have recently learned they have been calling my parents ‘ home- sometimes asking for me, other times just silent. My husband called IC systems requesting they stop calling my parents ‘ number and call his, but they have not done either. I have been at my parents home when they call ( everyday ), and when i pick up the phone to ask why they are still calling this number, no one responds. My husband gave them his number of XXXX, but they have not once called. Please have them stop calling my parents!!

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