Communication tactics

I was receiving harressing calls and home visits from Tower Loan and wanted their collection actions stopped. I asked my wife to calk and tell them to communicate to me only by mail. So she called in late XXXX of XXXX. She called Tower Loan and spoke to a male. She told him that I am demanding that they stop all communication calls to me, family, friend, neighbors, Place of employment and not to come to our home. She told him that the only communication that is wanted is via mail. She was told that the only way to stop receive that request it would need to be in writing. So on XXXX XXXX, XXXX I wrote a Cease and Desist Letter ( letter and certified mail receipt and delivery receipt will be down loaded ). On XXXX XXXX, XXXX a XXXX XXXX signed & printed her name on the delivery section. On Friday XXXX, XXXX my sister called me and said she received a voice message from a XXXX telling her to have me call him at XXXX. She then forwarded me the voice message. I was very upset by the collection call because I felt that my consumer rights were violated. At around XXXX on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX I called the number and spoke to XXXX XXXX. He said that I owed over XXXX XXXX dollars. I then told him that I would be in tomorrow morning to pay it. After getting off the phone I talked to my wife and told her that my rights were violated and that I have been harressed and something has to done to stop XXXX XXXX and Tower Loan! I then instructed her to call Tower Loan and record the call. My wife and I were lied to by XXXX XXXX. He told her that his notes said that my letter said not to call or Mail anymore which was a lie. She told him that he was harassing us and then he said that we were harressing him and then theatened us by saying we were refusing to pay and proceeded by hanging up the phone. She then called him back and he admitted that he called my sister and left a voice message with his name and number and asked to have me to call him. My wife then began to read him the certified mail receipt letter to him. He then said that he was going to send my file over to his attorney ‘s office and sue us. He said that it does n’t matter what I pay he ‘s still going to send my file over to an attorney. XXXX XXXX then made a slandering commit to my wife. He told her that if she would stop spending my money that I probly would not have this problem. He then said to her ” why am I even talking to you, your not even on the account. Then said that he was going to file a law suit on her and hung up. Both phone calls were recorded. First recording XXXX/XXXX/XXXX XXXX cst and 2nd recording at XXXX cst.

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