Communication tactics

After first communication from XXXX for {$13.00}, called as they suggested if I could n’t afford to pay. When I called they said very quickly ” I did n’t qualify and had to pay ”. After that received DAILY letters threatening me with reporting to credit agencies. Wrote them numerous times stating I was XXXX years old, am judgment proof ( last letter certified and I have receipt ), yet letters and phone calls continued unabated. Hospital takes blood and I do not know where it goes. I have no say in the matter. They continuously threaten to discontinue services. As if it could get no worse, they have now handed it over to a debt collection service ( American Medical Collection Agency ) who began with their threatening letters in addition to XXXX. They are making me sicker than I am by their continuing harrassment. I do not answer my phone and have missed important calls in connection with my health. They know full well my age and health. The phone and mail is driving me crazy. Please make them stop or let me know what action I can take against this unscrupulous operator who has spent more on calls and postage than the money they claim I owe. Paperwork can be furnished on request. PLEASE HELP!!!

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