Communication tactics

I was notifi ed by care credit that my min. payment owed was {$200.00}! I understand that i did not pay off the {$1 000.00} dollars in a year, But i never missed a min. Payment in that year.Why in the world is my Min. now {$200.00}? I did not know this would happen, no one called me at the beginning to inform me of these changes.I am now paying {$35.00} a month, That is all i can afford! I received a very nasty phone call from one of their rep ‘s, telling me in no certain terms that we need to go ahead an take care of this NOW! I do not want any trouble, I always try to come to some kind of agreement. I really do n’t appreciate the tone i was talked to in, I found it to be very rude! Is there any way i can get some kind of help dealing with this situation?

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