Communication tactics

On Thursday, XXXX XXXX 2017 I received three consecutive phone calls at XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX , and XXXX XXXX from ( XXXX ) XXXX . The first two phone calls each rang once and then ended. I picked up the third call at the first ring, as I was able to recognize the number from the two previous calls. When I answered, the phone call immediately ended. I called the number back at XXXX XXXX . After it rang once, an automated message said, ” All of our representatives are busy. Please hold. ” Almost immediately, a woman came on the line. I told her that I had three missed calls from this number and would like to know who was trying to reach me. She responded by asking me to verify my name ( first and last ). Being completely unaware of who was calling, I responded by asking, ” Who is calling? ” She again said my name and asked me to confirm that it was me calling. I refuse to give or verify my name to someone I do not know, so I asked her to tell me who was calling again. She put me on hold. After a short pause, a second, different woman came on the line telling me she was trying to reach [ my na me ]. I told her that I would not verify anything until I was told who was calling ME three times in one night. This went back and forth a few times until she raised her voice. In an extremely abusive and disrespectful manner, she informed me that I ” MUST STOP YELLING AT HER! ” I was in no way yelling, but simply asking her to tell me who was calling my personal cell number. I again told her I would like to know who is calling. With her voice still aggressive and loud, she yelled, ” THIS IS PHOENIX FINANCIAL! ” a nd hung up the phone. I called the number back at XXXX XXXX and spoke with a third woman, named XXXX XXXX . I asked to speak to a supervisor and she put me on hold. She returned to the line and informed me that everyone had left the building and she was the only person left since they close at XXXX . I told her that I had just spoke to two people just before and would like to know who I could talk to now. XXXX told me that I had previously spoken to a supervisor named, XXXX . I informed XXXX of my frustrations and she said I would have to call back tomorrow in order to reach a supervisor. XXXX also informed me that their calls are recorded. I hope you can listen to that recording to see just how rude XXXX was. Their approach is very secretive and suspicious as they call you multiple times, demand that you verify your identity, all while refusing to tell you the name of the company calling or any other telling information.

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