Communication tactics

I received a phone call from a phone number showing as XXXX on XXXX / XXXX / XXXX . A voice mail message was left stating that they were calling ” regarding a formal complaint being filed ” against me and that if I had information in regards to the where abouts of this individual, to contact them immediately at XXXX a s the next step would be filing the necessary paperwork with the local county court. ” The same m essage was left on numerous family members voice mails. I called the number provided in the voice mail the same day and spoke with XXXX XXXX . He told me that they were in the process of charging me with bank fraud and that I had a last chance at restitution by paying {$650.00}. He said the debt was in regards to a payday loan advance. I told him that I had taken out XXXX loans in XXXX and all had been repaid. I told him that I was not going to pay another debt until I was provided written proof of the validity of the debt ( I have received no paperwork from this company in regards to this debt ). I told him that I was told the last time I received a phone call like this about a payday loan that I had paid, I was told that sometimes the debts are sold and the records are not updated accordingly. I told him I was not going to continually blindly pay these debtors without having proof of the debt. I also told him that I had been told previously that providing documentation in regards to the validity of the debt was not possible and that I could only obtain that kind of information in court. I also informed him that it was NOT ok to continually call my family members in regards to a debt that they claim belongs to me. He stated at that time th at GVA Holdings does not make any outgoing phone calls. I asked him who was making the phone calls. He stated that they hire a company to do that. I told him that they and GVA were violating the FDCPA. He said that GVA was not a debt collector. I asked him what he was attempting to do when speaking to me then?
He said ” provide a method of restitution. ” I said he was attempting to collect money from me to then in turn hand it to a creditor, thereby COLLECTING A DEBT. So they are basically trying to skirt any compliance with the law by hiring a company to make their collection calls. The conversation ended with me telling him that I would not pay the debt or even agree to the debt unless I was provided written proof of the validity of the debt. They continue to contact me and various family members continually to date. All I am asking for is 1. they stop harassing my family members ( and violating the law ) 2. proof of th e debt. This debt was incurred over 10 years ago!!!! I have paid several pay day loans to date. I will not continue to blindly pay these people simply because they call me and say I owe them money and continue to threaten and harass my family and I. They have, to date, failed to provide any written documentation in regards to the debt. I have not received a single letter from them.

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