Communication tactics

I was called at my cell phone number ( XXXX ) XXXX on X/XX/17 at XXXX . The caller id was ( XXXX ) XXXX and I answered and heard silence due to the dial being placed with an autodialer. When I got connected, I informed the caller this was a cellular phone and I requested not to be called. I received another call from ( XXXX ) XXXX to my cell phone number ( XXXX ) XXXX on X/XX/17 at XXXX . I answered and heard silence again from an autodialer and was then transferred to a representative. She stated she was calling fro m Alliance Group an d Associates regarding a collecti on matter from XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX . She did not give any disclaimer about call recording or give the required mini-miranda disclaimer. I asked why they continue calling my cell phone after I have requested no further calls and why they called with an autodialer and I explained this violates the TCPA. She immediately asked me to commit to payment for a debt I do n’t recognize and then made threats to damage my credit and garnish my wages then hung up on me! I called back ( XXXX ) XXXX and another rep answered and did give a call recording disclaimer along with a mini-miranda disclosure. I asked again why they keep calling my cell phone with an automated dialer and she claimed the number was located through skip tracing and is permissible so I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was placed on hold then the same representative came back giving me a number in South Carolina for me to dial. I asked why I ca n’t speak to a supervisor at her location in Pennsylvania based on her caller id. She stated she too is in SC and refused to transfer me and hung up. I dialed back once more and another female answered and also refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor and hung up on me. I have searched the internet and I am unable to locate a website for Alliance Group and Associates and I question their collection practices. I believe they are deceptive and are not following federal regulations or treating me respectfully or fairly. I feel harassed and with this experience, they have violated the following : 1. My request to not be called on my cell phone further 2. The TCPA has been violated by calling my cell phone multiple times with an automated dialer 3. They refuse to allow me to speak with a supervisor and hang up on me continuously 4. They did not give all required disclosures ( call recording and mini-miranda ) 5. They are using spoof caller-id numbers to misrepresent themselves as a company local to Pennsylvania – and for no reason … I live in Florida even though my cell has a PA area code 6. They are making outragesous threats to garnish my wages which is excessive and not permissible

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