Communication tactics

Debt collector claiming to be from an attorney ‘s office, repeatedly tried to get me to pay a tax debt that I explained over and over was a mistake. He acted like he was going to help me fix the mistake, but did nothing. He lied about submitting my paperwork to the PA state tax department for review ( I submitted paperwork after XXXX and by XXXX he called and said PA Department of Revenue had reviewed – no government agency works that fast! ). He also told me that some items we listed on tax returns were not valid write offs, ie. contract labor on a general contractor ‘s tax return. When I questioned him about this, he acted like he did not just say it. He called me a liar when I told him a letter sent from the state was not received, and then, even when he stated that the letter was returned as non-deliverable, he still implied I was lying to him. He was very condescending, forceful and deceptive and made me very XXXX about his phone calls. He was trying to get me to pay {$46000.00}. Since I did n’t trust that his collection attempts were valid, we checked with the state to make sure he was not a scam artist. We actually owe {$100.00} which we will be paying directly to PA Department of Revenue Pass Through Business office.

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