Communication tactics

I spoke with XXXX XXXX at Harvard Collection Services XXXX HSC ). She was very rude with me while I was trying to get information about the accounts that I have. She would huff and puff and acted like she had an attitude because I was asking for information on my account. She was very disrespectful when I asked about the account information. I missed XXXX payments with them because I am a XXXX in Advanced Indivual Training at XXXX XXXX, SC and was not able to contact HCS during business hours. I informed her that I was gathering informatiion and would call back. However, she began to get loud and yell and informed me that I was XXXX behind in payments and that I needed to take care of the issue. I again told her that I would call back and she got extrememly rude and informed me that my entire balance would be due in full the next time I called.

This is unacceptable. I am a Soldier trying to get my finances on track and I am being treated like this over a medical bill. She was unprofessional and should be fired!

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