Communication tactics

I am not sure exactly who this company is or why they were trying to contact me, however, I found their site by Googling the number that called my home yesterday. Whoever the representative was from their office harassed my babysitter & got very rude & hateful with her & kept demanding mine or my husband ‘s work hours. She informed him I was not married & then he started hounding her about when I would be home. When she told him I had work hours that varied he informed her she must live here so she should know. 1. She does not live here. 2. Hours can vary from day to day. 3. Now I will not be working for a while because my health condition has flared up but I will have various appointments & various times. 4. I assume from their site that the call was an attempt to collect some sort of debt so their representative violated several regulations & I will be filing reports & complaints with all appropriate agencies. For one, aggressive & threatening behavior, language, & tone are strictly forbidden. For another, if it is an attempt to collect a debt collectors are forbidden by laws & regulations from speaking to anyone else about the debt but their representative was perfectly willing to speak to my so-called husband about it!! All of my debts & accounts are in my name alone so if they are trying to collect on something why would they even want to speak to someone else?!
I filed a complaint with their Chief Compliance Officer today & told them I did not want anymore phone calls.

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