Communication tactics

My vacation club account went into collection as I have had financial difficulty and have not been able to pay. I contacted my original creditor XXXX and they said they transferred/sold the account to Monterey Financial.

Monterey Financial told me that I need to pay the full balance, OR that I would be sued, and lawyers will file claim for more legal action and my credit will be severely tarnished.

I explained I do not have the ability to pay, and XXXX said I was stalling and lying. He stated several times that I am in breech of contract and that I need to pay the full balance, and there were no other options. I asked XXXX if he had the contract, and he said he did not. How can you collect on something stating I am in breech of contract when he does not even have the contract?

He said he will mark my file as ” Refused to Pay ” and continue with the legal process unless I have payment to him by end of this month XXXX/XXXX/16. This is the first time I spoke to him on XXXX/XXXX/16!
I do not have the full balance, can not even get credit and I said I could n’t afford that. XXXX said the only option is to pay the full balance. How is this not predatory? I am getting charged fees, high interest and more fees and then I have to pay the FULL balance? I have not received any letter from the collection agency, detailing any information either.

What is not even clear to me is if I pay the full balance, do I even get my vacation club status active? It seems they are closing my account fraudulently, as I owe a significant amount less than what the value is on my vacation property.

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