Communication tactics

I have recently encountered a collection agency by the name of First Fed Credit Control on XX/XX/XXXX that I believe belittled, berated me and downright disrespected me. I happen to be checking my credit report because I am in the process of trying to buy a home and I noticed my score dropped due to this collection agency so I called them to see if I could get this matter resolved. So, I informed the representative XXXX XXXX that I noticed this on my report and that I was in the process of trying to buy a house and wanted to get this resolved told her the bill was from XXXX and I had no knowledge of it but I did want to get things resolved, I asked the representative for a settlement she then stated to me it appears I am not in a hardship because I am buying a house and that doesnt seem like a hardship to her. I then went on to tell the rep I could not afford the whole thing I am XXXX and a single mom of XXXX and that I can hardly afford the house and that I was getting down payment assistance so I did not have the funds. She then said how dare I call them asking for a settlement and that I should pay my bills we then begin to exchange words because at this point I felt like she was just being rude. I said I was going to talk to my lawyer about this because I felt it was not right the way she was talking to me she pretty much exploded asking why am I calling a lawyer its my debt nothing is going to happen about it I need to pay it and at this point she is just yelling things at me. After us exchanging words for a few I asked for her supervisor she transferred my call and I spoke to the supervisor who was a little nicer but still a little snippy at this point I was telling the supervisor how I was treated and told her it wasnt right for me to get disrespected especially when I was just trying to get things resolved. The supervisor didnt care and pretty much just wanted me off the phone didnt apologize at all for the way I was treated she even stated they are not customer service based they are a debt collector. I called back the next day because I was still in awe of all that transpired but I needed a fax number as well as the previous reps I spoke to information because I wanted to file a complaint on the way I was disrespected they gave me that information and I said I was going to contact the Attorney general, The BBB as well as the FDCPA the rep then said to me make my complaints they will answer any and dont call there office anymore and hung up on me. I called back and stated someone just hung up on me can I speak to a supervisor she then said no one in our office will speak to you and hung up on me again. I then called back asking for an account number as well as a balance and they told me unless I am calling to make a payment dont call, told me I should have better things to do with my day then calling them if I am not paying the bill. This whole ordeal has turned into a nightmare over {$300.00} all when I just wanted it resolved but I refuse to be disrespected or talked to any kind of way I dont think its right and the fact that Im buying a house discriminates me from getting a settlement which seems odd to me because they dont know my situation I am trying to get assistance from HUD because I am low income. I just think something needs to be done because if they treated me that way I can only imagine how many others they have done the same way I am human and we all have things that we dont mean to happen but they do, but talking to me less then and dehumanizing me and then saying I need to pay or dont call doesnt make me feel comfortable with giving someone my money. I never in life have experienced this type of treatment from a place of business I have dealt with collection agencies in the past and this by far makes me never want to contact one again this has been a complete nightmare.

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