Communication tactics

From the very first time the collection agency IQ Data International contacted my, they were very rude when talking to me. They talk down to me, constantly tell me ” It ‘s not our fault that you did n’t pay your rent, learn to pay your bills ”, and say other demeaning things. They eventually stopped making contact after I continuously hung up on them when I realized who was calling and eventually stopped answering the calls. However, in an effort to clean up my credit, I have reached out to IQ Data this year in order to set up some type of payment arrangement and I was told ” this is not customer service and I do n’t have to be nice to you ”, they never let me complete a sentence, they talk over you constantly. When I finally got them to offer something, they told me I had to pay {$800.00} and then the rest would come out of my taxes. After telling them that I ca n’t afford that because I only make $ XXXX/year, I was told that ‘s not their problem and I need to call back when I have some money to pay. They stated that they will not work with me on making affordable payments. I do n’t understand how I am supposed to pay this debt with such rude people handling the debt. Please help me!

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