Communication tactics

Transworld Systems Inc., sent a collection notice of an overpayment from FL. XXXX, ( Unemployment ). # 1, they had wrong address, ( no Apt . # ) so I received this I do n’t no how late. # 2, my main complaint, I called the number on the envelope ( XXXX ). I was finally told they did n’t have my account number, which was on the letter in their system and call ( XXXX ) after 10 minutes, I was told to call ( XXXX ), after a couple of sales pitches, I was again told it was n’t in the system, ( mind you, I am only trying to pay a debt! ), I finally got in touch with an associate, that found it, but … …., was told I had to call, you got it, ( XXXX! ). I tried this circle again, and after over an hour got nowhere.

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