Communication tactics

I was notified today that someone from the XXXX Law Firm in XXXX XXXX, FL has been contacting people that are n’t related me or listed as references on my loan application claiming that I am being investigated for Bank Fraud and that they are trying to reach my husband regarding an investigation about me. I was completely shocked and called the number provided to my husband XXXX X XXXX. The woman said that she has me on camera taking out a payday loan and since I violated the terms of paying it back I am now subject to bank fraud charges! How can a payday loan company threaten criminal prosecution? I would also like to know what gives them the right to tell people that I am being investigated for fraud? The one person they called is my ex-stepmother-in-law ‘s sister that I have n’t spoken to in 6-7 years and the other person they contacted was my stepchildren ‘s maternal grandmother ( yes my husband ‘s ex-wife ‘s mother! ) I am in complete shock that they would call people that A. ) barely know me B. ) have never in my life been used as references C. ) tell these people I ‘m wanted for bank fraud!!!! How is this legal????

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