Communication tactics

I have XXXX accounts with XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX that I was paying them directly XXXX each month. Then I received a letter from Grant and Weber Arizona , Inc. They are a debt collection agency. We started payments of XXXX a month on each account. We have missed some monthly payments, but have called and tried to tell them the reason for not being able to pay at the time. We have never had a monthly statement of any kind showing payments we ‘ve made, or the balance due. Just a few months ago, I called them to tell them that we would not be able to make the payments. I called and left XXXX ( XXXX ) voicemail messages for XXXX XXXX. He is the one handling the debt. All the messages were made within a weeks time. He never returned my phone calls!!! My husband XXXX has even called him, and he never calls back, unless we have called about paying the debt off. Then he calls right back! The principal balance we owe is {$530.00}. He sent us a letter that says he ‘s charging us {$190.00} in interest, making the total amount due {$730.00}. There has never been any talk of interest to be charged with these accounts. I do n’t feel that this is right considering the effort we have made to keep in contact with XXXX. Can he legally charge us interest on a medical bill? We would like to ask for your assistance with this matter. Thank you.

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