Communication tactics

XX/XX/2015 I have been receiving frequent or repeated calls from this unknown company ; the most recent number was area code XXXX.
The first caller asked for XXXX XXXX and I mentioned to him that you have the wrong number and asked him please do n’t call again. The second caller asked for XXXX XXXX and I told the female Representative that you have the wrong number and I was asked, ” Do I know the this person? ” I also asked for the company not call again. Minutes later I called the same number back to explained about the first caller and wanted to know who or where I could make a formal complaint. It did not go well. Today I received a call from the number listed above and was asked to speak with XXXX and later asked ” Do I know a XXXX XXXX? ” and that the conversation was being recorded. I just placed the phone on the bathroom sink and after a long pause it hung up.
I felt that whenever I tell a caller that you have the wrong resident and the wrong phone number Why am I ‘m being asked if I know this individual? The answer to it all is out right flat NO!

It became clear to me this company intend to harass me XX/XX/2015 and I will not stand for this treatment. I need help and I am ready to suit. I expressed that I pay all my bills, getting upset will not help my current XXXX XXXX, I not hiding and I refuse to change my phone number that I owned for decade or more and that I was going to document these calls and report it to the State Attorney General, and now I want to add the XXXX. Can I please get some help about the callers asking for the wrong persons?

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