Communication tactics

The caller from iq data international said ” I ‘m putting your account in delinquents because I was unwilling to pay it ” then she said goodbye and hung up! while on the phone I was told by the agent and manager that there is a minimum to set up an account for a payment arrangement, but was NEVER told the minimum amount, I would say I can pay {$20.00} and they would follow it up with ” it ‘s not good enough ” … I would follow up with then how much is? and they would not give me a percentage or amount. Idk what they were trying to do but they never gave me a straight answer to any of my questions, they refused to take my payment over the phone and told me to send it in the mail this was after they said they accept XXXX they did n’t accept {$20.00} I would ask how much is accepted they would say ” not {$20.00} ” I was never told a percentage or amount. It was like bickering without coming to a conclusion. Now I do n’t want to send in the check because she told me she ‘s putting it as delinquent, I do n’t know what I ‘m supposed to do I ‘m confused.

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