Communication tactics

We have a closed credit card account through XXXX. On XXXX/XXXX/17, this company repeatedly ( four times in a span of a few hours ) called from both blocked and unblocked phone numbers to harass my husband ( the primary card holder ) about receiving payment. Our payment was not even due until XXXX/XXXX/2017 and there was absolutely no reason for this company to be calling this often or to be trying to collect a payment that had not even reached its due date! I called the company and explained the situation on XXXX/XXXX/2017 and told them to stop harassing my husband and I over a bill that was n’t even due yet. The customer service representative did n’t even apologize and just told me she put a block on his phone number, but they could still continue to call my cell phone. I told them this was harassment and I was n’t going to answer if anyone called because I was at work and the bill was n’t due yet. I am very upset with the way this company tries to get in touch with their customers.

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