Communication tactics

Regarding Account : XXXXXXXXWhen I agreed to a loan with Tower loan, I thought it was a regular financing company. I had no idea that it was basically a payday loan type of place or I would have NEVER agreed to get a loan with them.
Tower loan is the absolutely horrible. It is basically like I can never be caught up, no matter how much I pay. If I pay extra thinking, ” Okay finally I do n’t have to deal with this anymore … the next thing I know they are telling me … that only caught you up for last week … Now we need {$300.00} more ”. Constantly {$300.00} more. It never stops. It does n’t matter how much you think you are caught up … it just keeps building up and increasingThey are very good at what they do … making it extremely difficult to make payments. I tried to have autopayment for several months. SEVERAL. I kept requesting papers to get it set up and they did n’t send for almost a year. Finally, I went down the the office. The man said he could n’t set up autopay until the account was caught up ( read above you are never caught up ). For the last two months I am supposedly on autopay. Once again … not autodrafted out. They keep telling me there is no voided check. Finally, a girl named XXXX verifies it is in my file. Also you ca n’t pay via online. The feature does n’t work. Again, online searches will show the same thing. You have to talk to them on the phone and of course when you do that you ca n’t see your payment and somehow it is always XXXX or XXXX. They make it to where you ca n’t just pay your payment. The only way to make a payment without being charged is to go to the office, also.
I am requesting validation of the debt that you have indicated. I would like a copy of the contract. I would like an accounting of ALL CHARGES and PAYMENTS to date on the account. I would like a copy of the truth and lending statement indicating all charges. You claim to send me things in the mail that I never receive, therefore, I am requesting that you send the information via certified mail. I am demanding that you cease and desist from any further collection communications except by mail. I am demanding that you cease and desist from contacting anyone associated with me including friends, family, and my employer. If you do not cease contacting me I will file charges with my state attorney general office and the Federal trade Commission.
I have requested automatic payments and that is what you should be doing. You have a request for automatic payments and when I spoke to someone in early XXXX they did find a copy of a voided check in the file. XXXX indicated that she had attempted autopay and it had failed. First of all, I thought that the XXXX payment was included in the huge payment I made. Second, if she did autopay and it failed this was a mistake made by Tower Loan. At this point, I believe it was done on purpose to further harrass me. Surely, you have some kind of proof showing account numbers entered and that you did submit for autopay. I would like a copy of such proof sent to me considering that I had enough funds and have overdraft protection.
By the way I was already upset that I provided information to pay Tower loan and it was n’t processed for a week later!! ( XXXX XXXX authorized and XXXX XXXX charged {$240.00} ). By way I ca n’t for the life of me figure out how in the world I was charged {$240.00} if that did n’t include the XXXX payment and definitely dispute the validity of any XXXX debt owed! Mind you on XXXX XXXX I made a payment of {$220.00}!!! That was supposed to have caught me up and auto start XXXX XXXX!! I definitely did n’t agree with the {$240.00} but paid it just so I would not have to speak to you all again. In less than 2 months I have paid you all {$470.00}!!! That is XXXX of what was owed on the loan so this is ridiculous!!
I absolutely dispute a portion of the debt that you are claiming. I want a detailed

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