Communication tactics

I had reached out to XXXX over an outstanding debt of {$100.00} that they did not respond to my attempts to clarify if it was actually owed. They gave the debt collector my information yesterday, he called me 4 times today, my husband twice at work, and sent 3 emails one stating how disappointed he was that I did not pay my debt! I said I already settled it with XXXX and sent them a check, and he is repeatedly checking with them and telling me I paid nothing. I had to block his number. I received nothing before today from Caine & Weiner out of XXXX prior to this afternoon when I got so many phone calls and harassment, he then started sending all capital letter emails clearly stating that he was getting angry. This is NO way to treat a debtor, I was a XXXX and did XXXX for 7 years and I would never treat someone this way, let alone over a debt of {$100.00}!!!

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