Communication tactics

I spoke with the collection agency person named XXXX XXXX and she was completely abusive and unwilling to work with me on anything. Told me she pulled my credit report and she proceeded to tell me that I was current with all other payments, which I was not. When I asked if I could make a payment arrangement she said, ” You have NO money! How do you want to make a payment arrangement?! ” Told me to ” borrow money from your mom ”. I repeatedly asked her if I was able to make a payment arrangement and she gave me no choice but to pay the amount in full. I told her I could not do that and she responded with ” I ‘ll just send this back to the company saying you are refusing to pay this! ” Which I was not. I repeated multiple times that I was not refusing to pay it. When I told her that I could set up a payment arrangement she laughed at the amount I gave her that I was willing to pay. She then hung up on me. I sincerely hope that the call was recorded because she was completely inappropriate and unwilling to make any arrangement. I hope this is not how the company conducts their business.

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