Communication tactics

I had found out that my husband was paying to a collection company called SIMM Associates Inc. for about XXXX years. XXXX had a XXXX mortgage through a Company called XXXX XXXX, then the Company was sold to XXXX. My husband and I have had XXXX problems ( XXXX XXXX etc. ) We last paid on the loan thru XXXX XXXX on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. Our balance at that time was {$35000.00}, our annual percentage rate was 6 %. When XXXX XXXX took over we made payments until we could n’t anymore. Our last payment XXXX was XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX made a Charge off/Default on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. Approx, XXXX yrs. ago, a Collection agency called Simm Associates , Inc . bought our loan for I ‘m guessing ‘pennies on the dollar ‘. I did n’t understand why my husband was uptight all the time until I discovered this horrible Simm Associates. I called them and talked to a rude ‘manager ‘ named ‘XXXX ‘ I talked to him about the loan asking him why we have a statement from them showing we have a balance of {$110000.00} that we owe them pointing out that last paper I looked at that we had a balance of under {$36000.00} and that my husband had been paying Simm Assoc XXXX {$160.00} a month for XXXX years! He told me first off he wanted me to know that we could or not be conversation recorded. I said ok., like that ‘s going to scare me. I asked if he would negotiate for like {$13000.00}. Just a # I through out because I realize now, we owe less than this, I believe. He said sure, pay it in 1 month or ‘short sale ‘ your home to pay it, or keep paying them I think was the XXXX thing. I told him it would cost us more rent than are mortgage now ‘Short Sale ‘ our home! I got upset about the way he was speaking to me and reminded him I was on the line to solve this issue. He reminded me that he was recording the call and I told him ” Ditto ”. He instantly got mad and said ” you never told me you were recording our conversation ” and hung up on me, I recently talked to a lady there named XXXX XXXX and asked her why her collection agency was charging me so much and she told me and I quote ” {$14000.00} in fees and {$63000.00} in interest! This is hiway robbery! I have learned 3 things, 1 XXXX from my Bank yesterday- this is no longer officially a second mortgage after it went to the collection agency, so they ca n’t threaten to take my home 2 ) I did n’t know where to turn to for help XXXX our bank ca n’t help us because our credit is ruined and they feel the high interest they would charge us would take XXXX yrs. just to pay it off ( {$13000.00} XXXX. 3 ) Do n’t hide things from your spouse. I ca n’t believe I did n’t know or he was to ashamed to tell me! Now I know why he has XXXX problems and ‘why ‘ he ‘s always angry. I have tried to call XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX to see if we can settle through them. They have there own Loan Default Department. I have tried the Dept ‘s XXXX number but it says that our loan has been sent to Simm Associates Inc. Please help. We owe the money for under {$30000.00} we admit that. We need HELP!

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