Communication tactics

Received multiple calls last week and each time I answered the phone, the person would hang up. I called back several more times and after getting the man on the phone, he told me there was a problem with the calling system. He finally told me who he was and that he was calling about a debt that occurred in XXXX for {$150.00} ( co-pay ). He became very hostile and said I needed to pay my XXXX bill. After asking to speak to a supervisor, he hung up on me. I called back three more times ( each time resulted in him hanging up on me ) until he finally put me on the phone with a supervisor ( she assured me he would be disciplined for his behavior ). I did make a payment arrangement for XXXX of the bill because I felt like it had already been paid but was told that my credit would be affected if I did not ” handle my business like an adult ”. Since then, I received two more phone calls from XXXX different companiesXXXX claiming they are calling to recover the same {$150.00} for the same XXXX account. I called XXXX and asked to speak to the supervisor over billing. I was told that first of all, they did not know why a company would be trying to collect on a {$150.00} account from XXXX plus years ago and that they ( XXXX XXXX felt as if it was a scam. She advised me to call and cancel my transaction with Alliance Group and Associates because the only thing they showed in their archives was a {$50.00} co-pay that had been taken care of years ago. I did as they suggested and called Alliance, only to be spoken to by XXXX in a hostile and belittling manner. When I repeatedly told him I wanted the transaction cancelled and documentation showing the cancellation, he very rudely asked me did I want to, ” handle things my way or the right way?!? ” and finally put me on the phone with his supervisor. She advised that the transaction would be cancelled but would not send me any supporting documentation, though I asked several times for something in writing. Alliance repeatedly called my elderly parents home, harassing them and even called my former in-laws, who I had not spoken to since XXXX, and left hostile messages on THEIR answering machine. This company is highly unprofessional, unethical and I feel almost criminal in how they do business. Even the hospital said they have no idea how, 15 plus years later, they got a hold of my account information. In closing, both XXXX and his supervisor, XXXX, threatened to have to, ” call the original account holder that purchased my account and tell them I was uncooperative ”, saying I was setting myself up for legal problems.

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