Communication tactics

I received a call from a debt collection agency by the name of XXXX XXXX XXXX. The first call I received was on my lunch break at work. Not recognizing the number I answered only to find out this was an agency attempting to collect a debt. They asked me various question like where do I live and work. They told me I had an amount of XXXX and something dollars from an emergency room visit XX/XX/XXXX. To my knowledge I was already paying on a bill through a collection agency. So I told them I was n’t sure about the bill. They told me I had to pay today or else. I told them that I could not afford to pay XXXX and something dollars. The lady proceeds to tell me … I ‘ll tell you want you pay {$180.00} dollars today and pay the other amount later and we can set it up through your debt or credit card. I told her no ma’am … I can only do {$5.00} dollars a month and she said no ma’am that ‘s not gon na work. She told me … do n’t you have a credit card and do n’t you make a certain amount and do n’t you work down at the hospital making this amount. At this point … .I was livid! Because this information she was claiming to have was SURELY FALSE. She then began to tell me I need to take responsibility or else. Then out of no where a guy picks up the phone and starts screaming at me and yelling about me paying and what will happen if it does n’t! Then they proceeded to terminate the call.

I then go inside to my job which has a record line and ask to speak to someone concerning the debt. I stated that I wish to not speak to whom ever I just spoke to. So, at this point I spoke to a representative name XXXX XXXX. XXXX XXXX proceeds to tell me about the debt. All she could tell me what information about being going to the XXXX XX/XX/XXXX. I told her that I was already paying on this same bill she was talking about XX/XX/XXXX with another collection agency. She then proceeds to tell me that there are XXXX different bills and the current XXXX she has XXXX down for was the doctor bill. I said well I need some type of paper in formal writing. She then proceeds to say what ‘s a fax number? I can fax it to you? Now, from my knowledge..I thought that all business through a collection agency must be handled through formal writing such as a letter.

She then tell me well I do n’t know how long it ‘s gon na be before we can fax something to you. At the current point..this agency is sounding a little far fetch and sounding more and more like a spam. What debt collection agency do you know that ca n’t mail you the proper forms? Needless to say … I received the fax the NEXT AFTERNOON. The fax I received was noted by XXXX XXXX … no one I spoke to and an amount of {$1000.00} plus dollars and a name that was not mines.

I called XXXX back and let her know that I what she faxed me was not my information or debt. She then proceeds to fax me and amount with XXXX lines that stated GA XXXX XXXX with the amount of XXXX with my name on it. At this point I am still certain that I paid this amount.

XXXX XXXX called me back on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX at this point I ‘m asking to set up a payment plan for this debt. She proceeds to tell me that they do n’t do that and she will call me back to see what she can get worked out. She said I needed to pay half the balance by XXXX XXXX and then I could send two payments before XXXX XXXX that will complete the balance. I said well can you type something up in writing. She said XXXX chance out XXXX they are gon na tell me no???? I ‘m confused at what debt collection agencies do n’t set up payment plans and then send something to you in writing.

I received another call from XXXX from this agency on XX/XX/XXXX about this debt. I told her me and connie was trying to work something out. She told me NO! I had to pay or else they would do further collection action. I asked her not to call again. They called me this morning, but I did n’t answer

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