Communication tactics

At XXXX XXXX eastern time this morning I received a call from a number I did not know. Upon answering the phone, a lady who identified herself as XXXX XXXX from ARA ( Asset Recovery Associates ) proceeded to tell me that I owed $ XXXX to XXXX and that she had received this claim in her office today. She stated that her office is in the process of filing a judgement against me for the amount they claim I owe. She informed me she was calling on a recorded line. When I told her : 1. I do not owe the money, and 2. Even if I did, it is time-barred. When I started writing down her information, she stated that her company offered me a settlement of $ XXXX and that I did not respond and now I am responsible for the entire $ XXXX. She was very aggressive and argumentative.

When I asked if she would call back so I could also record the call, she said no. In the end of the conversation, she refused to give me the company address. I told her not to contact me again. She kept talking over me and said that if I paid my debts on time, they would n’t have to call me. I told her that they can not contact me again once I have instructed them not to do so and if they do, it is a $ XXXX fine per call. She just kept talking over me.

I told her to file the judgement against me and I will see her in court. At that point, she said I would n’t be seeing her. I said I would see someone as what they are doing is illegal! She then hung up on me.

A few minutes later ( at XXXX ), I phoned the company and asked for the lady. She came on the line and I told her that I was recording the call. She started shouting that it is illegal for me to record her without her permission ( it is not, I am in GA which is a XXXX party consent state ). I kept asking for their address – she just kept yelling that I did not have her permission to record her. I told her that I can record because I am in a XXXX party consent state. She would not give the company address and hung up on me again.

This all stems from an alleged debt incurred more than 15 years ago!!!!!! This debt has been sold numerous times and I go through this frustration every single time.

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