Communication tactics

XXXX XXXX XXXX of XXXX, Va. struck up business with me XX/XX/XXXX. A contract agreement was set in motion. I gave them a cancelled check to debit my XXXX XXXX XXXX acct for {$39.00} onthly. THEY FAILED to have a functional office staff to get the payments started. They began a draft to my acct. on XX/XX/XXXX & XX/XX/XXXX, nothing in XXXX. Why? Turned me over to a collection agency : Hillcrest, Davidson, & XXXX. who have called with harassment, etc.since XX/XX/XXXX each day ( XXXX times/day ). I had surgery on XXXX, had my daughter to fax cancelled check copy, copy of drafts from my checking acct, copy of orig. contract. Now that I HAVE defaulted on contract … things have ” accelerated ” and I owe {$3500.00}. Or, I possibly can reinstate for {$560.00} by XXXX XXXX. These people target XXXX customers … with whom I was with before XX/XX/XXXX. I believe they target XXXXXXXX/I am XXXX … XXXX customers in the hopes they we do n’t notice their lack of business skills & get caught up into the mess I ‘m in. This happened to a friend of mine ( XXXX yr old XXXX customer ) who lives in the northside … but she could n’t talk when approached because she is her mother ‘s caregiver. She told XXXX to come back ” next week ”. In the meantime she called XXXX and was told what has been going on. When XXXX returned she had her cell phone ready & recorded the exchange & says she too the salesperson ‘s picture. She told him to get off her property & told him never to return. She was spared this mess. I have apologized to XXXX … twice & I want them back … if I am ever able to get out of this! The lie was ” upgrading to wireless ” & save a little bit of money ( from {$43.00} to {$39.00} monthly ). What are my ” rights ” in this ” set up ”? XXXX & XXXX … installers & monitors seem to have it all in their court.

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