Communication tactics

I received a phone call on XXXX/XXXX/15, from TRS Recovery Services , Inc. ” XXXX XXXX, ” representative, said he was from TRS calling to collect on a bounced check. There was no prior written notice from TRS and no report from my bank. He said an electronic check was returned to XXXX and if I did not pay they could block my account and keep me from using checks to pay my bills. I said ” Who are you and what bounced check? ” I had just been through the closing and opening of several bank accounts and changing passwords on accounts and emails because of FRAUDULENT charges. ” XXXX XXXX ” threatened that they could keep me from opening a bank account anywhere else! I told him that I was not paying them anything until I checked with my bank and that maybe an attorney should get involved ( since nothing in writing had been received ). I knew nothing of this until TRS CALLED me.

My bank found that an electronic check was returned on the account that was closed. It was caught in the middle of quickly closing XXXX account and opening another. However, I was advised not to deal with TRS but contact XXXX directly ; ask to send the payment directly to them.

A phone call to XXXX was useless. They hired this company and their head of accounting related that ” once a check is in their ( TRS ) system there ‘s nothing we can do. If you send it here ( to XXXX ), there is no way we can credit it. ” So it seems that TRS Recovery Services , Inc. has been given free reign to bully, intimidate and threaten without limits. There are many complaints with the FTC and Attorney General against TRS.

An online check of this company revealed:1. The XXXX has them listed with a D- rating.

2. TeleCheck Services , Inc., XXXX of the nation ‘s largest check authorization service companies, along with its associated debt-collection entity, TRS Recovery Services , Inc., have agreed to pay {$3.00} XXXX to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act ( FCRA ) 3. The order settling the FTC ‘s charges requires TeleCheck and TRS to alter their business practices to comply with the requirements of the FCRA and the Furnisher Rule in the future. This case is part of a broader initiative to target the practices of data brokers, which often compile, maintain, and sell sensitive consumer information. Consumer reporting agencies like TeleCheck are data brokers that sell information to companies making important decisions about consumers, such as their ability to get credit or pay for goods and services by check.

4. Legally, they must produce all records pertaining to their claim, validate any debts, identify the original debtor and supply the amount they are claiming against the person IN WRITING.

I gave ” XXXX XXXX ” my correct address XXXX/XXXX/15, when he called, THEN they sent their written notice — to my OLD address. It was received on XXXX/XXXX/15 ; however, the date of XXXX/XXXX/15 was the ” date authorized ” on their notice.

I do not mind correcting a mistake when a company follows legal procedures and notices, however, I am filing a complaint against this company because threats, bullying and intimidation should be monitored and controlled, not tolerated!

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